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If you provide any of the pet-related services and wish to increase your presence among your potential customers in and around your region, it would make great sense to invest into a pet focused website that positions you appropriately in front of your target market. So, in case you’re into sales of pet products, building such a website can help you possibly sell thousands of units to people who would like to buy such products from within the comfort of their living room at any time of the day or week. You can even create a pet video that’ll run on your website apart from posting it on popular online video portals like Dailymotion, Youtube etc. to help you get a large amount of traffic, and possible customers.

Do you already have a pet-related website? Well, in that case you can benefit from the tools provided by professional pet website designers such as Atticus Pet Design Studio and increase the number of visitors arriving on your website. Such seasoned pet website designers would’ve already delivered positive results for a large number of people associated with the pet-related businesses, for instance, dog walkers, breeders, animal shelters, pet sitters, veterinarians, dog trainers and more.

We’d like to mention here that this is no longer the official website of Atticus Pet Design Studios. If you’re looking for a website design service as good as Atticuspet, you’d need to carry out some independent research on the internet.

Are you an owner of a pet service like a pet sitter or a veterinarian and are desperately trying to advertise it on the Internet? Do you have any puppies which are in dire need of a new home? Are you serious about taking your business of dog training to a higher level? Then it’ll make plenty of sense to avail services of professional pet website designers who can create kitten websites, puppy websites, dog websites and more to help you reach each one of your potential clients. These websites can be designed in a manner that you can freely update them as and when you need, all by yourself. They can even integrate payment gateways into the website allowing you to accept credit card and other forms of payments from the customers. Any such payments get directly deposited into your checking account.

Why take your pet business online?
Research carried out in the recent past has provided a five-year forecast of the online retail sales. As per this forecast, the online retail sales are expected to go over $ 334 billion per year in the near future in the United States alone. E-commerce in general is expected to witness a solid CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 10% in the times to come. Hence, it makes plenty of sense to take your pet -related business on the Internet and make the most of the possibilities provided by online sales.
The professional pet website designers are experts at creation of pet -related websites for wholesale and retail businesses. They can create WordPress-based pet blogs, logo designs, online catalogs, Internet marketing campaigns, pet websites with videos, pet websites with e-commerce integration (shopping carts) and much more.
Now let’s talk about web designing in general and some important facts that you must know about it.

About web design
When we talk about web designing, the term encompasses different types of disciplines and skills which are used in creation and maintenance of Internet websites. There are many different areas of web designing that a person can specialize in, such as interface design, authoring (with inclusion of proprietary software and standardized code), web graphic design, user experience design and more.
In case of big web design organizations, all these roles are played by individuals working in teams in different departments focused on each one of these different aspects. However, there are some very efficient designers out there who are good at all these areas. When we say ‘web design’, the term is normally employed for describing the designing process related to the client side or front end of websites, including writing markup language for them (HTML). Many a times, when talking about the broader scope of the web development process, the term web design may also partially overlap the web engineering process. The web designers of today are expected to be aware of the usability of the websites and if their job encompasses creation of markup, they must be up-to-date with all the latest Web accessibility guidelines.

The different occupations related to web design
When it comes to web design, there are two main jobs that come into the picture: that of the web developer and the web designer. Both work closely with each other for smooth development of the website. The web designers (for instance, Atticus Pet Design Studio and the likes) take charge of the visual aspect of the website, which encompasses the typography, coloring and layout of the webpages. Web designers also have the skills of understanding and using various programming languages like PHP, Flash, JavaScript, CSS and HTML for creation of websites. However, the extent and depth of knowledge may vary from web designer to web designer. Usually in case of small organizations, it is one person only who is responsible for both programming and designing of the entire website. On the other hand, in case of large organizations, there may be several web designers giving shape to the visual and technical aspect of a single website.

Other jobs that are usually a part of the website development process are:

User experience designers or UX designers – These people are experts at those particular aspects of website development which make a website more user-friendly. They can be seen carrying out jobs related to interaction design, information architecture, user testing, user centric designing and sometimes visual designing too.

Copywriters – These people populate the different pages of the websites with their written content. The content produced by them is specifically written in a manner that it appeals to the target audience and converts them into loyal customers.

Graphic designers – They are the life and soul of the visual aspect of a website. They’re the ones who are responsible for creation of buttons, layouts, logos and other visually appealing objects seen on websites.

Internet marketing experts – These are the people who have thorough knowledge of how to market a product or service on the internet. They help websites gain visibility on the Internet and devise strategic solutions for driving viewers to websites. Their strategies include various promotional and marketing techniques that are specifically relevant to the Internet.