Best logo designer

Once you’ve contacted a good number of logo designers and requested them for quotes, ensure that you don’t just consider the price when making the final selection. Give a lot of importance to the corporate identities and previous logo designs created by them. Pay a lot of heed to their design presentations as they reflect their attitude towards professional appearance. Go through the descriptions of each one of their logo projects.

Most importantly, go with a logo designer who has the same sense of style and design as you. That’s the only way you’ll be satisfied with the logo created by him/her. The easiest way of judging a logo designer’s professionalism is by confirming the following points:
- He/she should have some sort of service agreement or contract to be signed before starting work.
- He/she must ask for some upfront payment before starting with the project.
- He/she should be knowledgeable, direct, polite and an efficient communicator.
- He/she should probably explain his/her design process and clearly inform you about the deliverables.
- His/her use of punctuation, spelling and grammar should be satisfactory to say the least.
- He/she should ask you all the relevant questions for properly understanding your business.

An important point: In case the logo designer asks you to sign an agreement or a contract, ensure that the ownership of the final logo is transferred to you after making the final payment. If the contract/agreement doesn’t have any mention of ownership, ask him/her to include it. Since you’ll be paying for the logo design, it is important that you obtain its legal ownership and are able to use it however you like in the future.

Brief the logo designer
Whether you carry out this briefing via email or a face-to-face meeting, it’s very important that you explain your requirements very clearly. Talk to him/her about the following points:
- What’s your business all about?
- Who all are a part of your target market?
- Why don’t you like your current logo, if you already have one?
- What sort of feelings would you like the new logo to incite in your target market?
- Who all are your primary competitors?
- What differentiates you from all your competitors?
- Will your logo be usable or visible in videos? And will there be a need for creating an animated version of it?
- Is there any tagline that you’d like to be included in the logo design?
- Which all qualities would you like your company’s logo to project?
- Are there any logos that you specifically like? What are the reasons behind your liking?
- Do you like symbolic logos (like that of Apple or Nike) or typographic logos (like that of ESPN or FedEx)? Or something that’s a combination of both, for instance the logos of Adidas or Pepsi.

The logo designer should be told about all the places you’d like to use the logo. Quite obviously, it will go on your website and business cards, but it may also appear on your social media profiles and/or large billboards. Request the designer to provide a document containing guidelines for logo usage. These guidelines must advise how to and how not to use the logo. For instance, which all variations of the logo can be used in which all color backgrounds? Last but not the least, ask the logo designer for a favicon.