Logo basics

The logo of your website can be considered the signature of your business. It’s one of the most valuable assets of your company. Furthermore, it’s that one single element which more than anything else, will give an identity to your brand. A well thought of and well-designed logo can effectively communicate your message and work as a reflection of your business. All in all, it should be versatile, unique, simple and memorable. Design wise, it should be workable with and without color.

Finally selecting and going with a particular logo will require some important steps to be taken by yourself and your graphic designer. You can engage the services of a design firm, an advertising agency or a freelance graphic designer for creating a logo for you.

The importance of a budget
First and foremost, you must figure out your budget for logo’s creation. A well-designed logo can set you back anywhere from $ 250 to $ 2000, and sometimes even more. Always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The fee charged by our logo designer is usually a reflection of his/her professionalism, client history and experience. After all, a well created logo is worth far more than the hours going into its creation.
You can even opt for contest websites and logo banks on the Internet for buying a logo under $ 200. Then there are freelance websites where some designers can offer you good logos for as less as $ 50! However, please keep in mind that investing into a cheap logo on the Internet can sometimes be very disastrous for your business. Inexperienced designers can take an eternity to create good logos. Furthermore, they are usually unprofessional and may use free of cost clip art images.

How to locate good logo designers?
There are several places you can look for good logo or graphic designers. You can easily locate some probable candidates by using the following methods:
- Go through various graphic design directories available on the Internet.
- Referred to the portfolio communities and design galleries both online and off-line.
- Look up keywords like ‘logo creation’, ‘logo development’ and ‘logo design’ on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can even look up the same keywords, along with your area of residence on Google search engine.
- Ask your family and friends for references. In case you know of someone having an excellent company logo, just call him/her up and find out who did it for them!

Understand your logo’s concept
After you engage a logo designer, he/she will work on some logo concept designs and will provide you with 4 to 6 hand-drawn options. When you first go through these rough sketches, pick up the logo that instantly catches your eye. In most cases, this is the one that’s ideal for your business. In addition, ask yourself the following important questions regarding the logo:
- Will it aptly represent your product and/or business?
- Will you be able to use it without color?
- Will it be usable 5 or 10 years down the line?
- Is its design simple enough?
- Will it be usable if you reduce its size considerably?
- Is it too much like the many other logos out there?
- Does it have enough contrast to make it stand out?
- Does it convey your business’ message?